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My name is Peter Leeflang (operating under the business name FM Linguistics) and I am a multilingual translator with over 30 years of translation, proofreading, editing and localization experience. 

Do you need a quick quote?

Call me then at the phone number shown above or press the REQUEST QUOTE button to ask for a quick quote. I will respond within 30 minutes to 2 hours at most.

What I offer is professional, educational and translation experience in a broad range of subjects as well as special services and terms that one rarely finds elsewhere. I also offer a background of live (and on location) long term exposure to several cultures where the languages that I translate from/into are being spoken. Proper translation skills require that one knows the culture(s) behind the languages.

What makes me special compared with many other translators?

1. I can work in weekends, during holidays and on evenings. Sometimes I will even work overnight to ensure a critical deadline is met. I know how important a predictable planning is for you.

2. If you want a second translator to review and edit my work, I can often offer you such a service (at a small extra fee) since I am in touch with several experienced colleagues. You will then not need to spend time and other resources to look for a proofreader yourself.

3. You can expect a high standard of meeting deadlines. No, I shall not be a day or days late, ever.

4. An honest communication is my style, which means that, after having assessed the full context of your project, I will tell you how fast, how good and at what final cost I will be able to translate your assignment. Or I may suggest alternatives, or I may say so truthfully if I feel that the job is not within my capabilities.

5. I offer one of the most extensive menus of payment options in the industry, even accepting Bitcoin.

6. If you prefer to speak with me in your mother tongue, I may well be able to accommodate you with this need, beyond the English that is often spoken in the industry, since I am fluent in five common languages, being English, Spanish, German, French and Dutch.

7. For your different cash flow situations I offer options beyond one standard payment deadline. You can pay in 7, 14, 21, 30 or 45 days (maximum), since I offer all those credit lines. It also means that I quote different rates for different credit lines, with as a simple rule that the faster you pay my invoice(s) the better your rate will be. I share with you the extra benefit I get from a faster payment.

8. Volume discounts are also part of my price quotes, starting with a minimum of 35,000 source words per purchase order. So the greater your commitment is the better the final cost. Of course large projects shall be billed and paid per delivered increment then.

9. Partial deliveries with large projects, so you do not need to wait for the full translation to be delivered and can already put a possible proofreader to work to meet your deadlines more easily, are also part of my offering. 

10. A supplemental delivery of a translation memory in a standard translation memory format, so you can recycle or maintain the translation more easily, is also a need I can meet, for a small extra fee to cover extra work and the substantial extra benefit coming with that.

11. Unique is that I offer the FM Linguistics Rewards Program, a loyalty points earning option for customers who purchase my services or who refer others to my site through the many social media that are available. The points you earned can be used towards a future invoice. Merely signing up for an account already earns you points.

More details on my services you can find on my Services page. My personal details you can find on my About Me page.



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