Translation rates
My translation rates per source word vary between EUR 0,07 and 0,11 (or USD 0.09 and 0.135), depending on language combination, subject matter, subject depth, volume, urgency,  quality of source document, required delivery of translation memory, extra reformatting or re-indexing service, requirement to localize tables.

Proofreading rates
My proofreading rates per source word are 50% of my translation rates.

Accepted currencies
Euro and US $

Accepted payment methods
I accept the following payment methods:
– SEPA transfer to European IBAN bank account (in EUR)
– Paypal transfer (in EUR or US$, if sender pays all fees/commissions of between 2.9% and 3.9%)
– Transferwise (in EUR or US$)
– Payoneer (in EUR or US$)
– International SWIFT wire trasfer (in US$, if sender pays all fees)

Payment deadline
At the latest within 30-45 calendar days of delivery.

Each delivery will be accompanied by an invoice. With large projects, I will invoice incrementally, on a weekly basis.