– Basic course owner of ornamental plants business
– Fundamentals of horticulture course

1. Landbouw (tomatenteelt, land- en tuinbouwmachines, fruitteelt, fabriek van irrigatiesystemen)
2. Tuinbouw (sierteeltkwekerij, import van stekken en planten, senior medewerker en bedrijfseigenaar)
3. Livestock farming (poultry farming ? turkey and chicken farm)

1. Tuinbouw (seed biotech, horticultural machine manufacturers and rentals, nurseries, pesticides)
2. Landbouw (verkoop en verhuur van landbouw machines, bestrijdingsmiddelen zoals pesticiden en herbiciden)
3. Veterinaire geneeskunde/diergeneeskunde
4. Veelteelt en melkveehouderij (feed manufacturing, pig pen manufacturing, hoof care products, milk and feed container/tanker cleaning)
5. ICT (software voior tuinbouwbedrijven/kwekerijen)
6. Agrofood (potato processing)

Talencombinaties: EN/FR/DE/NL/ES to EN (GB/US)/NL
– Pesticide studies
– Herbicide labels
– Summons and procedural documents related to claim of violation intellectual property by seed breeding firm – 13,400 words
– Product information sheets fertilizers
– Web pages for agricultural and horticultural machinery rental company
– Brochure software for marketing in horticulture (incl. auctioning)
– Product web pages with technical specifications of combined heat & power (CHP) generators ? 5,600 words
– Veterinary medicine survey
– Veterinary medicine production tests – 6,000 words
– Two online catalogs of professional tools companies, plus their index – 14,500 words
– Product data sheets for horticultural engineering company
– Legal brief on glyphosate herbicide
– Company car policy of seed company
– Product labels for halal food products
– Website and brochures for manufacturers of roadside mowing and leaf clearing machines
– Hygiene and safety rules of fruit and vegetable processing companies
– Article on adsorption material for water treatment plants
– Manuals for machines for industrial bakeries
– Company rules and code of conduct for nurseries
– Marketing plan international supermarket chain
– Web pages on cattle transportation
– Presentation regarding cattle feed evaluation
– Product sheets of hoof care products
– Documents regarding Inspection by SKV of veal calves farms
– Various safety sheets for chemicals used in agriculture and horticulture
– Product sheet short disc harrow with kickback damping
– Brochures for farrowing stalls and platform floor for weaned piglets and fattening pigs
– Article of potato processing plant on new generation potatoes
– Questionnaire for audit applying animal feed safety management system
– Web pages on transportation and logistics companies as well as manufacturers of trucks and trailers
– Online inventory with price list for supplier of granulate spreaders
– Isacert certificate for livestock farms from Beter Leven quality mark audit
– Website of consultants for herbicide resistance
– SDS – Safety data sheets (Chemicals) website – 40,000 words
– Article about energy generation from rice husks
– Brochure horticultural company software (incl. auctions)
– Press releases horticultural companies (among other things, tree nurseries) and manufacturers of harvesting machines for asparagus companies
– Court decision on dispute purchase case conveyor system ? 13,800 words
– Manual for packaging machine ? 9,100 words
– Web pages for retailer in solar panels and wind turbines ? 3,000 words